Zales Interview Questions & Tips

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

During the Zales job interview process, applicants often need to participate in background checks and drug tests to receive employment consideration from the jewelry store chain. Zales administers numerous interview methods, including phone, 1:1, and group/panel interviews. Typical Zales interview questions cover a vast array of subject fields, such as customer service skills, work history, schedule availability, and jewelry industry operations. The process begins with an online test, which covers various aspects of sales and customer service. If an applicant scores well on the online test, she receives an invite to interview with a Zales hiring manager.

Length of the Interview Process

The average Zales interview lasts only 30 minutes. Most applicants participate in only one or two job interviews, traditionally with an assistant manager or general manager, during the Zales hiring process.

Common Questions

Sample interview questions posed to applicants may include:

  • "If a customer gives you a hard time, what are some ways in which to handle the situation appropriately?"
  • "What do you know about Zales company culture and corporate operations?"
Zales hiring managers may ask additional customer service-related interview questions, such as:
  • "Can you describe what it means to provide excellent customer care?"
  • "What are your strengths/weaknesses when it comes to assisting others?"
Applicants should take as long as necessary to answer Zales interview questions to the best possible degree.

How to Get a Job at Zales

Prospective workers should take care to wear formal business attire and arrive looking personable and well-kempt. Some Zales stores may require job seekers to possess specific knowledge of jewelry or the jewelry industry in addition to sales acumen. Demonstrate savvy qualities and highlight specific examples of experience in sales, working with jewelry, or in a customer service position to gain additional hiring favor.

Following Up

Many applicants report that a brief follow-up call or email often spurs Zales hiring managers to make a favorable decision after completing the final interview.


  • Lindsey says:

    I had my first interview today and I’m getting my second interview tomorrow. I think it went fairly well. The manager seemed very nice and informative to all my questions and duties etc. I think the best advice that I could give to anyone else who is going to have an interview with Zales is just keep the conversation going. Let them know YOU WANT THE JOB. Also, make sure you let them know you will go above their expectations. That you will always strive for more and not the bare minimum.

    • adri says:

      did they drug test you?

  • Marc says:

    Interviewing with them is a lot of fun. I just passed the first interview it was in person at the mall. The next two interviews are on the phone. They didn’t care if I knew about jewelry or not said they were looking for those who will connect with customers, have customer service, cash handling, and selling experience. They especially want to know if you like to reach goals because you will have six each and every day! Good luck! I believe they do a thorough background check too including a drug test. Offered me $9/an hour plus 1% commission. Great company. Most importantly you have to be fullly available, ready to sell, comfortable with constructive criticism, and that you want to be there longer than a year, a minimum of 5 I believe..

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