Zaxby’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Zaxby's

Fried chicken restaurant chain Zaxby's is prevalent in the Southern United States. Popular for fried chicken and wings, Zaxby's operates roughly 600 quick-service locations. Typical fast food jobs available through Zaxby's include kitchen staff, cashier, and shift supervisor positions, based on experience and work qualities. To fill all positions, Zaxby's conducts interviews with qualified applicants and job hopefuls.

How to Prepare

Zaxby's applicants should prepare for the job interview by studying personal history as well as information on the company. Review job history, professional references, skills, and qualities pertinent to the job. While not entirely necessary, studying the Zaxby's menu and some of the company history may help establish confidence and show the applicant has true aspirations for a job with the fast food chain.

What to Wear

As with any interview, wardrobe should include clean, tidy, and professional attire. Attend the interview on time to set the right tone for the rest of the meeting.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Hiring managers at Zaxby's ask many common questions for the fast food industry. Questions to expect include:

  • "How do you handle irate customers?"
  • "Can you work in a fast-paced environment?"
  • "Why do you want the job?"
Naturally, the conversation may lead to proper customer service interaction and treatment. Teamwork and cooperation are other defining factors Zaxby's managers try to uncover during the interview process. For a successful interview, Zaxby's applicants should respond with complete sentences and coherent thoughts, all in a positive tone.

Zaxby’s Customer Service Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Zaxby’s Customer Service Associate: Customer Service Associate. I worked the register, so I was the only guy who worked the register and it’s basically when people would come in you would say, “Hi, welcome to Zaxby’s, how can I take your order?” Then you’d take their order and you would kind of just keep taking people’s orders. Then the cooks would put the food on a little table, like a window behind you. You’d bring the food out and it’d have an order number. You’d call out the order number, and whoever came up and ordered that food would get the food, and you’d just hand it to them and take the next person. That would also include cleaning the front of the house and picking up after closing and stuff like that, just simple tasks.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Zaxby’s Customer Service Associate: It really wasn’t that chaotic. It was pretty relaxed as much as you would expect that of a fast food chain. You kind of got there, and you took one customer at a time. It was never really super busy or crazy like at McDonald’s or Subway is, sometimes you’d only get one customer every 10 minutes, so all that other time would be just picking things up, restocking things in the front. It was really easy. I worked drive-through though. That was a little bit more fast-paced. You usually always had a customer, but if you work drive-through, there is less responsibilities besides just working drive-through. It’s pretty easy.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Zaxby’s Customer Service Associate: I just went in, asked for an application and I filled it out right then and there. Right when I got done filling it out, I asked to talk to a manager. One of the managers talked to me that same instance, so we sat down and she just asked me a couple standard questions like what high-school I was going to, what I was planning on doing for the next year, just simple qualifications that allowed me to get the job. She really liked me, and within ten minutes she told me to come back the next week for a training session that was going on that Tuesday or something. I came back in for the training along with probably four or five other people, and we just did training for those three days. We had to memorize the menu and stuff. We got quizzed on them, and if you did really poorly on the training, they just wouldn’t accept you, they wouldn’t hire you. If you did good, then you just got the job.

Interviewer: What should an applicant wear to the interview?
Zaxby’s Customer Service Associate: Slacks, I would say khaki slacks, a dress shirt and a tie. You shouldn’t really wear a jacket, it’s not really that big, but definitely a dress shirt and tie, nice pants, nice shoes. You shouldn’t have to wear super-nice shoes, but just something that puts on a good first impression.

Interviewer: How were you notified that you received the job?
Zaxby’s Customer Service Associate: Well, after the initial interview, when I first filled out the application and talked to the manager, they told me to come back for the training. I came back for the training, and it was the first day of training that basically told us unless you mess up, you’ll have the job. So at the end of the three day training they just gave me my first week’s schedule. So I guess at that point, they officially told me “you got the job”, so I was pretty stoked.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Zaxby’s Customer Service Associate: Make sure that you know the menu and you’re really friendly, because they take friendly people versus experienced people a lot of the time. So, that was my very first job, I had no job experience. It’s really hard to find a job when you have no job experience, but I was just really friendly. You just have to go in there, put on a smile, and make sure that they know that you’re able to talk to customers and you’ll probably get the job, as long as you’re professional about it.


  • Derrick says:

    I’m bout to have an interview with Zaxby’s, but I don’t learn new things as easy as I should, do you think they’ll notice that? Will they hire me. I really need a job and I’m looking forward to my first job. I appreciate it.
    P.S. But as you can see I’m very polite.

    • Kelvena says:

      Yes they will hire you. just because you may not a little about zaxbys, they’ll definitely train you on the things you need to know and go through the pace of learning that best fits you. Good luck.

  • Ryan says:

    Make sure you have open availability and you’re able to start immediately.

  • leah says:

    make sure you dont tell them about any upcoming vacations from now to 6 months

  • ADM says:

    Always look them in the eye the entire interview. Eye contact is very important.

    Also, know your short term and long term goals and be able to explain.

    Know how to explain your lifestyle and activities that you participate in within the community and culture. Even small things with friends can show dedication to keeping relationships alive and active.

    Be proactive and confident. Zaxby’s is an amazing company that doesn’t want second rate employees. Zaxby’s prides itself in service and the customer is boss. Also, frequenting the place and learning employees’ names during the interview process shows initiative.

  • brittney moore says:

    how do i apply online for a job?

  • kay jay says:

    always b confident,show intergrity,and b determined…….these things will b very benifical….for long term and short term goals!!:)

  • Lareina says:

    You could go in person to apply for a job

  • brittney says:

    when they ask you how much you want to get paid , is it smart to say minimum wage , they way you dont seem greedy ?

  • Dj Mac says:

    Zaxby’s isnt that great of a place to work. the management is horrible and you can get written up for the dumbest things. Take it from someone who knows!

  • jamell says:

    what do i do if they dont call me after i apply…should i call them?

  • amanda says:

    how do you apply on line?

  • tericka blair says:

    im trying to apply for a job for Zaxby’s

  • nick w says:

    what is the age requirement

  • Jeremy S says:

    I think they have wonderful service and food and provide it with good prices and their commitment in thier team work to help out their customers out.

  • DDD says:

    I just applied today. I think I aced everything except for not having any previous fast foo work experience. do they typically hire fresh new workers like that? Other then that everything else was great. eye contact, dressed nice, articulate and ready answers. are my chances good? Theyre mostly looking for cooks and maybe 1 cashier and I said I have no preference of what I do.

  • Critney says:

    I received a call today about a job. But I wasn’t home my mom wrote down the number but the call wouldn’t go through. How do I get back in touch with them to get an interview?

  • DDD says:

    I got the job! thanks for the tips

  • Alanna Brooks says:

    I went to a Zaxby’s interview today for the new Zaxby’s in laurens, i dressed up well, and I think i answered all the questions well, but most of my friends recieved a sheet telling them to come back for another interview on monday, but i didnt recive that sheet does that mean i dont have the job? please anyone answer my question

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