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Zumiez pdf application

Why Print the PDF Application for Zumiez?

Skating and active wear retailer Zumiez looks for energetic workers willing to go the extra mile to help customers. Applicants who print off their applications and return them in person show that they will fit in well with the Zumiez team. Hand-delivering forms expresses a true interest in the job, and displays an active, hardworking attitude that perfectly matches the company’s values.

Completing the Zumiez Printable Application

Zumiez asks job hopefuls to fill out short, two-page forms with basic information about themselves and their interests. Remember to write with blue or black pen and to focus on details that relate to the position.

General Information
Begin by dating the form in the upper right corner and filling out name, address, and contact information. Add the position and pay desired as well as the date when work can start. If applicants have applied to or worked for the company before, they should share which stores and when they worked there. Also, provide an emergency contact’s name and address.

Next, answer Yes or No to the question about past crimes. Those who answer Yes should read the details about which crimes need to be reported, then provide extra explanation of the conviction. To finish the section, answer Yes or No to the questions about legal work status and age.

Availability to Work
To begin this section, check the box for either full time, part time day, or part time evening shifts. Then applicants should fill in how many hours they would like to work per week. Complete the chart below by writing the specific hours available to work each day. Finally, circle yes or no to show willingness to move to another city to work. Those who answer Yes can list any areas they would live.

Education, Training, & Additional Qualifications
To finish the first page, applicants should list the names of any schools attended, their addresses, the number of years completed, and areas of study. In the additional qualifications section, job hopefuls can list any other skills that might make them great employees. The basic Zumiez’s worker duties are listed in this box as well, so candidates should try to focus only on skills and interests that relate to these tasks.

Work Experience
Starting with the most recent, list up to three past jobs. Give the employer’s name, the dates worked there, contact information, position title, salary, duties, supervisor’s name, and reason for leaving. Circle Yes or No to let Zumiez know if they can contact that manager. Finally, job hopefuls can share whether they have been fired before. Those that circle Yes can give more details.

References and Certification
Applicants should also provide three references, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, and the number of years they have known each other. To make the form valid, read the applicant’s statement, then sign and date at the bottom of the page.

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